About Us


http://c3patriot.com/64962-roulette-3.html Talent Plus is a start-up community with a sincere objective in elevating creativity through web exposure & digital marketing; we help you find clients and build a long lasting business partnership.

We have been working with over 100 leading artists (including hair & make-up, fashion designer, photographers and etc), as well as the famous and prestigious designer warehouses in the Philippines.

Our talents are taken care of by our experts who are graduates of prestigious schools (Marquille Personnel, Center of Aesthetic Studies and the likes). They also have enriched their experience managing fashion shows and various photoshoots (Mega Publishing).

This community gives chance to upcoming artists/talents be well known and recognized in the industry. Be a member a have your dream built and established.


http://lksquaredphoto.com/pp_gallery/duclos-family-denver-colorado/ What’s in it for me as a model?

As a model, you will be able to showcase and advertise your work and portfolio, you will be able to received feedback to improve and level up your craft, you will be able to “searchable” for the client.


http://yourtreeguys.com/large-tree-removal/tree-pruning/ What’s in it for me as an artist?

As an artist, you will have the chance to collaborate with your fellow talented artists; may receive feedback; will have the chance to expand your network; referrals, and “searchable” by the client.


buy generic neurontin online What’s in it for me as a client?

As client, you will have an updated catalogue/brochure that fits your specification and budget range.


Social media is a powerful tool to advertise your work, TalentPlus will help you advertise your collections for free. Clients will be able to view your portfolio for their potential needs based from their location, expertise requirements, budget, availability and preferences.

Registered clients will be given a wide range of choice. Artists have a great potential to be known internationally, where client from different locations will be able to book “artists” through TalentPlus.

Collaboration with fellow artists and client will result to a sustainable business. TalentPlus will help you develop, maintain and expand your business.